Education & Career

Hi, I'm QING Pei, a.k.a. edwardtoday.

I've been working as a software developer at Shanghai Sansi Technology Co., Ltd. since Nov 2013, focusing on networking and image processing.

I worked for Virtuos Games as a software engineer during 2010 to 2011, crafting games on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and iOS devices.

I received my masters degree for 3D palm-print recognition at the Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2012. Before that, I have been studying computer science at Tsinghua University where I graduated in July 2010. My BA thesis "Real-time parallel decoding of multi-view coding video" was supervised by Lifeng Sun.


My location

Here are some links to find me elsewhere on the web.

This site

I've owned the domain qingpei.me since 2011. It was a WordPress mirror of my WordPress blog with all my earlier posts from Windows Live Spaces.

In Feb 2012, I switched to GitHub Pages and Jekyll. Having a static site is good. Having all my posts version controlled using git is even better. Not to mention the benefits of writing in markdown.

I decided to make this site more than just a blog in June 2012. With Pure CSS, the site became more readable especially on mobile devices.

Contact me

Email: QING Pei

Emails are pushed to me in almost no time. That is really an efficient way to get in touch with me.